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Avante is a small company with highly dedicated technology enthusiasts

Who we are

Passionate and hardworking

Our consultants each have more than 10 years experience with being developers, system engineers, architects and tech leaders.

Our backgrounds extend from development and operations, and our focus is devops - making development fast and operations easy. We work with most aspects of designing, developing, building, and maintaining high availability Microsoft and .net solutions.

We usually work at the interface between pure development and operations, with architecting systems, streamlining development processes (ci/cd) and operations, "making monitoring great again", and helping migrating and transforming on-premises systems to the cloud.

Our consultants are great assets because they truly are curious, and do not discriminate between tasks, but are more concerned about the big picture and making everything as streamlined as possible.

We believe that the cloud is amazing. However, it's not a magic bullet.

Make the cloud your home, but be realistic. At the end of the day systems need to be developed by people, and processes need to fit the people and tools you have available. We can take our experience of how people work and the knowledge of what tools are available and help transition as efficient and realistically as possible to a good cloud environment.

It is easy to get lost in the buzzwords of today, and even though we are technology enthusiasts, we still hold firm that the most important factors when making things really work are People, Processes and Tools.

The cloud lets you do things fast, and gives you so many many possibilities, but will not be utilized without an organization with the right people, roles that match the needs, and tools that make them improve your business.

Let's improve together.

Our clients

Recent projects


Lånekassen (Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund) has more than 2 million customers, and is responsible for yearly loans and stipends in the order of 28 billions NOK.

We are currently helping Lånekassen transition all their systems from on-premises solutions to the cloud, and build a devops culture in their organization.

We are engaged as architects, devops and automation engineers, and are contributing with all aspects of their journey. We help them with defining their organization's needs going forward, the people and the roles, to planning and executing the actual migration and transformation of their systems to the cloud, to automating the different life-cycles with CI/CD, to advising in the procurement of different products and services.

Their technology is Microsoft oriented: Azure, AD, DNS, SCOM, MS SQL, Biztalk, IIS, Windows, Tieto Public 360, Nevatech Sentinet, Citrix Xenserver, Microsoft Skype for Business, Exchange, Lync, Cisco video conferencing. They have more than 500 servers - both physical and virtual.

Architecture DevOps Azure Powershell .net Infrastructure IAM CI/CD
Hafslund Marked

Hafslund Marked serves over 1 million electricity customers in Scandinavia and is reliant on settling, accounting and billing that works.

As a greenfield project the processes for product creation, accounting and invoicing for a selection of customers were internalized onto a new platform built on Azure and Kubernetes.

Architecture choices included Docker, .net core, stateful PaaS storage in Azure and microservices.

Control over the rollout of microservices and versions were secured through Azure's DevOps where we handled continuous integration and delivery.

Kubernetes Docker Azure DevOps Architecture .net core Microservices
Other valued clients

We have experience helping a huge span of different customers, both from public and private sector, to reach their goals in an effective and smart way